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Wireless Hotspot, Inc. was founded in 2002 to address the emerging and rapidly growing need for public wireless internet access. Working with our strategic partners and suppliers, Wireless Hotspot, Inc. aims to be the Wireless Internet Service Provider pioneer of the Southern California region.

Although the Internet has become a common necessity, most of its access is still tethered. Our vision is to realize a world of ubiquitous wireless internet access with the same rich internet experience you get from your office, school, or home. We strive to enable locations that are conducive for the wi-fi warrior, the mobile professionals, and the everyday laptop toting businessman or student.

Few technologies in recent history have dramatically changed the landscape of how we work and communicate. The progressive growth of Wi-Fi and its adoption across both large and small business as well as through different vertical industries are starting to become mainstream. Because of the increase awareness and adoption of Wi-Fi and the collaboration of standards between industry giants (such as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco), a new demand for public access market is growing. These publicly accessible wireless internet “hotspots” are now appearing in airports, hotels, coffee shops, and restaurants all across the nation and around the globe.


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