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Equator Coffee
22 Mills Place
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 564-8656

Mon - Thu 8am - 12am
Sat - Sun 8am - 2am
Equator Webcam: at Pasadena.com

In the heart and center of Old Town Pasadena lies The Equator coffee house. This is the place where the owner proclaims “If it’s too loud in here, go to Starbucks!” Postmodern art pieces ornate the brick-exposed walls leaving little to the imagination. Local bands, verbal poetry, and even karaoke are featured onstage on certain occasions. This is where the local gentry hang out after hours a few steps away from the shopping and eating mecca of Pasadena. Meet fellow techies and artists along with your average joe here on any given evening. Once upon a time Beverly Hill 90210 even filmed here.

The Equator also features a wide array of beverages and coffees for any picky palate. For the more daring, they offer Asian inspired “boba” drinks, green tea frappes, and passion fruit juices. The Banana Royale hits the spot along with other eclectic house specialties. For those on the go they also carry an assorted collection of imported beverages and pop. If you’re hungry, The Equator makes delicious sandwiches and wraps from your home-breed turkey caesar to your more traditional ham and cheese. If you don’t care for something to eat or drink but seek something to do, The Equator also provides Arabic originated hookahs” and flavored sheesha (tobacco) for your enjoyment (18 years and older). There is really nothing you can’t do here at this coffee house. Bring your laptop with Swifi™ and just watch as Pasadena rolls by this eclectic place!

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