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Lovebirds Cafe & Bakery
921 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 583-8888
f:(626) 583-8878


At Lovebirds Cafe & Bakery their day starts at 2 AM so that they may bring you the highest quality, all-natural, freshest food possible.

Lovebirds Cafe & Bakery feature tons of delicious sandwiches, including some original sandwiches such as the Wasabi Tuna or the French Connection. They also serve a wide selection of Vegetarian sandwiches and soups and salads. Get your fill on drinks, too. They serve Illy Coffee in your normal espresso fashion and they also sell nutritional smoothies, shakes, and other fruity drinks. For a listing, check their website at www.lovebirdscafe.com

All of their bakery items are made from scratch and are baked fresh daily using the finest ingredients.

Lovebirds Cafe & Bakery is proud to serve illy Coffee.
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