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Ragazzi Room(near USC)
2316 S. Union St.
Los Angeles, CA 90007
(213) 741-1723
f:(213) 741-1684


Visit this Italian invigorated Coffee House near the University of Southern California and downtown Los Angeles and enjoy some of the finest coffees and espresso this side of Venice. Their menu of coffee classics are deep, rich, and authentic in both flavor and body. They also feature their Ragazzi Concotions including the All-Nighter – a triple shot espresso with rich choclate and whipped cream, the Milky Way and Raspberry mocha. Any of these are tasty and potent treats are good for a study session or presentation preparation.

If you fancy something other than coffee, try any of the Ragazzi ice blends or their Ragazzi jet tea frappes. Their tea frappes come in all sorts of intresting flavors such as the Mocha Ragaccino and Choclate Raspberry to name a few.

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