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Wireless Hotspot, Inc provides the Swifi™ wireless network, an integrated end-to-end solution for your business to offer wireless internet access (also known as wireless hotspots) in your retail, business, or recreational location.

Why does your business require wireless internet access? Simple. Two key demographic of wireless adopters include mobile professionals and college and high school students. Offering wireless internet access allows you to further attract, retain, and build customer loyalty with these demographics.

As a business we are sensitive to your needs and we look forward to accommodate each location on a case-by-case basis.


  The Swifi™ network is fast, user friendly, and appropriate to all types of users. Are you a student? A mobile professional or an espresso toting road warrior? See how Swifi™ can benefit you and make your life more productive, efficient, or just plain fun!
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  Do you own or operate a retail or business location that you think can benefit with Swifi™ access? If you run or operate a Hotel, Coffee Shop, or an apartment or community complex (Multi Dwelling Unit), learn about the benefits, features, and revenue opportunities that we can provide by installing Swifi™at your location. Join the Swifi™ revolution that is sweeping across Southern California!
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