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eMarketer reported that the Yankee Group forecasts 72,480 hotspots in the U.S. by 2007 — doubling 2005's estimate.

Dataquest Inc., a unit of Gartner, Inc., indicating that the majority of worldwide hotspots will be located in retail outlets (50,287) and hotels (11,687) by the end of 2003.

Allied Business Intelligence (ABI) says in its report on Wi-Fi that global hotspots will grow from their current level of 28,000 locations to more than 200,000 within five years.

1. Standard Based Technologies

Wireless Hotspot, Inc’s Swifi™ network is based on the IEEE 80211.b standard or also known as Wi-Fi™. To access the Swifi network, end users can use any Wi-Fi compliant laptops or PDAs that carry the Wi-Fi™ symbol. Swifi™ is fully compatible but not limited to Windows XP, MacOSX, Wi-Fi enabled PocketPC and/or Intel Centrino powered laptops.

2. Intelligent Access Controllers

At each Swifi™ location, a wireless controller is installed on the premises in an ideal location to ensure maximum coverage. Each controller has an approximate indoor range of 100 feet radius. In larger locations multiple controllers may be present. The controller maintains the authentication, authorization, and accounting for each individual user and maintains the usage policies. Each controller can maintain multiple concurrent users

3. Large and Growing Footprint

With locations all around Southern California, users will be able to enjoy the convenience, speed, and benefits of wireless connectivity at their favorite location. All our locations employ a high speed broadband backhaul and are monitored regularly to ensure performance and uptime satisfaction. In addition, we have live tech support during working hours to assist your needs.

4. User Friendly

Accessing the Swifi™ networks is easy and fast! After you connect to the Swifi™ network, simply open a web browser on your Wi-Fi enabled laptop or pda. Follow the on-screen directions and you’ll be surfing the internet at broadband speed wirelessly!


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